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Nia and Imani Lindsay are 10-Year-Old Twin Phenoms in the field of dancing. They started to walk at just 8 months old and now they excel in many different styles of Dance including acrobatics, jazz, tap, hip hop and contemporary dance. They Both received a Scholarship to the prestigious American Ballet Theatre for a summer program for serious dancers. As Black Children they are defying the odds in field where racism prevalent. Not only are they great dancers but they are very intelligent and have a great sense of self pride and confidence instilled in them by their mother. They Love their natural hair regardless of any of the jokes or questions they receive from their peers or adults about it, they know to ignore it and remain proud.Β 

They look up to Misty Copeland who is one of the most renown Black dancers in the world and in the history of Ballet. Nia and Imani had a chance to meet Misty and said β€œshe was a great influence, She’s not like Miley Cyrus at all.” (Lol) Congrats to Nia and Imani on their accomplishments and im sure they will inspire countless Black kids that ma have ever doubted themselves and their abilities. SanCopha!
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